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We in Rotbot are the first to engage in the development of an industrial Exoskeleton, based on a crowd sourcing module. Our vision is to continue our development in a social outsourcing module, we strive to gather a community of partners for the journey - engineers, designers, and dreamers,  combined with our skilled and enthusiastic team with its expertise in robotics and industry.


About Us

The Rotbot Exoskeleton suit is currently developed & managed by Anthony Roth & Sons Company in cooperation with IntoVision product development & design company, RobotICan – an Innovative Robotics Solutions company,  and Amir Shapiro, Ph.DScientific adviser, Senior Lecturer Director, Robotics Laboratory Department of Mechanical Engineering, Ben Gurion University of the Negev.


What is crowd sourcing ?


Crowed sourcing is a way to develop products using the collective intelligence – in our case, it means the development, from the earliest stages, is done in collaboration with the most talented & enthusiastic people – the community.

We provide the professional platform, and guidance, to build & sell the community’s ideas & developments.

Crowd Sourcing 
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